30th June 2017

Top Five Tips to Get A Good Medical Reference

Top Five Tips to Get A Good Medical Reference

Reference check is one vital part of the medical job application process for any level of job position and specialty. It is worth to give at least a half of thought to your list of referees depending upon your job position description and selection criteria.

We understand asking people to be your referee is a headache. But they are important and valid part especially for medical selection process. Any kind of healthcare job locum, permanent or temporary in the UK, reference check is vital and obligatory.

Here are some guidelines to get a Good Medical Reference.

Screen your referees

You should always want to go with the referees who will sing your praises. You must be signalled positive and righteous. You should check for evidence of this from their interaction with you, and other indicators like term reports, performance assessments.

While choosing your referee make sure they could be available and feasible for you and the person taking the reference. You do not want your referee to give you hard times.

It’s your decision to nominate your referee. Be sensible and wise.

Nominate your referees

You will need to provide as many referees names as you can. Aim around twice of the amount of referees you are asked for. Mostly half of them are unavailable at the time for some reason or another. Reasons could be anything – on leave, at operation theatre, conference etc. So if you have some backups they will have alternatives if the first choice cannot be contacted. This will also help if you are applying for multiple positions.

Ask your nominations

Ask your nominated personnel for references. You may want to how they perceive you first. There are high chances for Rejection's for various reasons. So pick a day out to talk to them, explain what they are providing a reference for i.e. job position and specialities and the time when they can contact in to talk to the person taking the reference.

Remind them

A quick phone call and email prior to application time will do well for both of you and your referee. This will be both a reminder and positive signal for you from your referee. This will help being considerate and organised.

Thank them

Often your reference check will cap off your efforts for application process- so make sure you can count on it with some great references.

If you have any queries about how to get a Good Medical Reference, then  feel free to contact us.

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