17th December 2017

7 Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare Settings

7 Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction in Healthcare Settings

Hospitals and private health institutions has now recognized the importance of patient satisfaction. Patients and other service users as a healthcare consumer treating in a hospital’s process and systems affects its results. Sometimes, basic human interactions can just do great.

Here are listed some improving ways to patient satisfaction in hospitals and other healthcare environment.

Provide Timely Service

Provide timely service to your patients. It’s a huge responsibility for hospitals and offices to develop a systematic way to provide its services to patients. Patient needs to get checked, get test results and receive care during their treatment. A proper planning to patient care procedures can be atop for their satisfaction. A scheduled check ups, results on time, alert and responsive customer care are basic necessities that a patient expects from a healthcare institution.

A committed care provider

Every heath care provider in a healthcare setting such as doctor, nurse needs to understand the underlying purpose of their job and its importance. Essentially, the healthcare service’s purpose is to give the hospitable human experiences with successful medical results. As regarding the care provider day to day function could be anything, a doctor will check up and recommend medication whereas nurse will check for your specimen and document it.

Well trained and a good morale

Healthcare provider must be instructed to customer care service, handling patient complaints and a variety of professional education. They must be self-driven to a decent working environment for patients. Say what you are going to do and do what you have said. A doctor must be responsible and punctual in his acts and behaviour.

Addressing patients

Let patient feel safe with health carer in any matter. It’s the common ground for the health carer and patient to next level of a good conversation. A good communication technique is a most for any patient’s satisfaction. So, keep it easy and smooth, you can call them by name, make eye contact, show you are interested and smile a lot. Have positive remarks whenever you get the chance. Such as Thank You, Good Day etc.

A nametag

Most hospital and private healthcare has obliged all their staffs to have nametag along with their titles and departments. This helps patients to recognize and easily refer to them by name. This also helps in securing hospital premises from losses and misconduct.

Share good vibes

A good word about a doctor who is going to treat or about a facility/ department could do the charm to that patient that nothing else would do. Help form positive perceptions.

Show interest

Talk to your patient; listen to them and what they have to say. Also, tell them all about the treatment process, timelines and other related information. All do’s and don’ts. Provide a written summary, instructions and educational handouts. This will help increase patient obedience to all the treatment process and medication.

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