20th March 2016

A Confirmer

A confirmer is someone who checks if a nurse or midwife has met the revalidation requirements set by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). NMC strongly recommends your line manager as your confirmer since he/she will be more familiar with your way of practice and have similar scope of practice. The hours related to their scope of practice, Continual Professional Development (CPD) and their learning and improvements, reflective accounts and their relevance to The Code are some of the important things that a confirmer needs to confirm. A confirmer assesses a nurse and midwife through overall documentation and revalidation process with the NMC.

  • Most of the times, a line manager is a NMC-registered nurse or midwife. If he/she is not registered to NMC, then you will need to have their reflective discussion with another NMC-registered nurse or midwife before your confirmation. If you are self employed or working in-community and if you do not have a line manager, then you get to decide your appropriate confirmer from wherever possible.
  • If you don’t have any of the above options, then you can get your confirmation from another healthcare professional that you work with and is regulated in the UK e.g. doctor, dentist and pharmacist. You need to provide details about their profession and registration number of their regulatory body. If they are not registered to the NMC, then you will need to have their reflective discussion with another NMC registered nurse or midwife before your confirmation.
  • If you work overseas, you can seek your confirmation from the line manager of your organisation. If you don’t have a line manager, then you can obtain it from another nurse or midwife or another regulated healthcare professional.
  • A nurse or midwife may undertake various roles having more than one line manager. In this case, you will need to decide your own appropriate confirmer. We recommend you to discuss your revalidation with your preferable line manager or from the organisation. You can choose to discuss about your confirmation with all organisation you are working with.

All in all, a confirmer needs to have a discussion about your practice and check evidence that you have met the entire revalidation requirement. You must be cautious about choosing your confirmer. He/she must have an effective registration, not retired and suspended at the time of confirmation, since your application may get rejected. A confirmer must be objective and impartial and is not influenced by any kind of personal or commercial relationship with you.

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