7th August 2017

Action Plan Launched To Make Primary Care Nursing Workforce ‘Fit For Future’

Action Plan Launched To Make Primary Care Nursing Workforce ‘Fit For Future’

On 27th July 2017, the National Health Service (NHS) England has launched a ten-point action plan to develop the role that general practice nurses play in the NHS workforce.

The Action plan will help target and prioritise where improvements are needed most. For the first time, it sets out key milestones that will allow progress to be measured across General Practice Nursing.

The plan is backed by a £15 million investment and will see four regional general practice nurse delivery boards set up to roll out the ten measures. The 10-point plan hope of attracting new recruits, supporting existing GPNs and encouraging former GPNs to return to practice.

The chief nursing officer for England, Professor Jane Cummings said that nurses working in general practice may not have always received the gratitude they deserve in the past but they are central to NHS plan to improve care for patients and ensure the NHS is fit for the future.

The head of nursing practice at the Royal College of Nursing, Wendy Preston said that the framework for action recognises the great contribution and challenges faced by general practice nurses and their teams, and highlights their key role in delivering care closer to home.

She further added that General practice nurses are well placed and indeed provide high quality services, meeting the requirements of their practice populations every day.

The 10-point action plans in brief are listed below.

  • Supporting leadership opportunities
  • Establishing inductions and preceptorships
  • Raising the profile of nursing in General Practice
  • Increasing the number of pre-registration placements in general practice
  • Delivering on prevention
  • Improving access to ‘return to practice’ programmes
  • Offering additional routes into general practice
  • Expanding career opportunities and progression for GPNs
  • Improving retention
  • Access to educational programmes geared towards delivery of care needed in the future

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