26th June 2016

Conditions of Professional Indemnity Arrangement

Conditions of Professional Indemnity Arrangement

Professional Indemnity also known as Professional Liability Insurance is a way that helps protect professionals and service providing individuals for bearing the full cost of defending against a negligence claim made by the client.

Professional Indemnity Arrangement is a compulsory requirement for nurses and midwives to get registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in the UK. This new requirement has been reflected in the revised code for nurses and midwives. It is now compulsory for nurses and midwives to have an appropriate indemnity arrangement in place.

There are different conditions of Professional Indemnity Arrangement of nurses and midwives in the UK. Some of them are described below.

  • Work for the NHS

If you work for the NHS, then you will already have an applicable indemnity arrangement. The NHS cover for the work accomplish by its employee on its behalf, which means if a claim is made against you in that employment then you will be covered by the NHS.  This cover contains agency workers employed in the NHS, locums, and students. It also cover those who are not working under employment contract but contracted to an NHS body to deliver service to patients whom the NHS body owe a duty of care.

  • Work in private healthcare

If you work in a private healthcare like nursing home, general practice etc. then it is expected that your owner will have an appropriate indemnity arrangement for you. Indemnity arrangement may be different to each employers so always check to confirm.

  • Self employed

You will need to have your own indemnity arrangement if you are self-employed, work as a consultant or through an agency. You can arrange your own indemnity cover directly through a commercial provider or professional bodies who may offer professional indemnity insurance. To understand the terms of your insurance policy is very important.

  • Combination of self-employed and employed work

You must have an appropriate indemnity arrangement in place for each area of your medical practice if you are carrying out a combination of employed and self-employed work, or work for more than one employer. An arrangement from employers will only provide cover for practice executed at their employment. 

  • Break in practice

If you decide to take a break for maternity leave, travelling or a break in employment etc. then you do not need to let NMC know about your break from practice. When you return to practice you will get covered by your employer and you can continue your registration with the NMC.

  • Newly registered

If you are newly qualified nurse and midwife or if you are from European Economic Area (EEA) or a non-EEA countries who is registering for the first time with the NMC may not have secure employment, in that case you have to sign the declaration that you will have in place an applicable indemnity arrangement when you practice in the UK then you will be able to register as normal with the NMC.  

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