20th June 2016

Final Terms for Junior Doctors' 2016 Contract Released

On the 16th of June NHS employer has finally released the second version of the Terms and Conditions of Services (TCS) for junior doctor contract. The first Version of the agreement between the British Medical Association and NHS Employers was subject to 20,000 BMA members’ referendum votes.

The proposed Terms and Conditions of Services mainly include amendments and clarifications mainly highlighting two facts of those junior doctors working Less Than Full Time (LTFT). The BMA and NHS Employer Version 2 agreement has slight changes in the amendments and clarifications.

  • Amendments to weekend allowance for LTFT trainees based on contribution to the rota to ensure LTFT trainees not disadvantaged by the lower limit on the weekend allowance.
  • Additional fines into Schedule 2 of TCS
  • Amendments in the General Dental Council and Gold Guide for better arrangements for dental training
  • Removal of those provisions of requiring doctor in specific circumstances of unbanded ST1 posts on 31st October 2015 to have their pay protection based on band 1B
  • Additional pay premium of £1500 for doctors moving to new pay terms, at the time of LTFT and maternity leave later returning to the LTFT post.

The whole agreement process between the BMA and NHS Employers is now complete. This is the final version of the new terms and conditions of service.

More than 120 road shows have already taken place for junior doctors and trainees about the new contract. Now, the decision is on the relevant BMA members’ referendum vote, which will be closed by the 1st of July.

Resources for BMA Members for the referendum votes

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