20th November 2017

First National Framework For Advanced Clinical Practice

First National Framework For Advanced Clinical Practice

Health Education England (HEE) has launched a new national framework that sets out and defines the role of Advanced Clinical Practitioners (ACPs). HEE devised the ‘National framework for multi-professional advanced clinical practice’ in partnership with NHS Improvement and NHS England.

The new framework has been developed to ensure that there is consistency about what advanced level practice is. It includes the requirements for entry into the role, and defines the core capabilities with a recommended standard of education. This not only gives clarity to current and future ACPs, but also for other healthcare staff, employers and patients.

In its definition of an ACP, the framework calls them “experienced, registered health and care practitioners,” with a “high degree of autonomy and complex decision-making” and a master’s level qualification or equivalent.

The director and dean of education and quality at HEE, John Clark explained that the aim of the framework is to ensure “a clear and consistent approach” nationally.

The new framework will optimise the ways in which new and existing advanced clinical practice roles are developed and used to enhance care and improve health outcomes for local people, he added.

ACPs enhance the multi-professional team by supporting existing and more established roles, and provide patient-focused care.

HEE expect that the new framework will ensure that staff and patients all clearly understand the role of the ACP and promote teamwork across traditional professional boundaries.

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