23rd June 2016

Five facts about doctor’s health and wellbeing

Royal Medical Benevolent Fund, the leading charity for doctors, medical students and their families of the UK conducted a survey to find medical professions attitudes toward their own health and well being. The survey was done on 1351 doctors of the UK.

Here are the survey’s five findings on doctor’s health and wellbeing.

  1. Prevalence

The common health issues found in doctors are mental health issues. Around 82% of doctors acknowledge others doctors suffering from such issues like depression and anxiety. Second come the physical health problems followed by marital and family problems in the third. Both of them ranked by 70% of total doctors.

  1. Shame

The RMBF survey has found doctors are too busy looking after their patients that they neglect to look after themselves. Around 78% of doctors agreed to this statement for not seeking help and support. 66% of doctors are prevented because of their personal achievements and successes. They find it too shameful to seek help as a successful doctor.

  1. Stigma

Maximum number of respondents responded that they do not share their problems with their colleagues, as they fear discrimination and stigma. Two thirds of doctors agree they are resistant and fearful from seeking help from other doctors for confidentiality and privacy concerns.

  1. Working hours

78% of doctors strongly agree that there working hours and work pressure has significantly affected their personal relationships with family and friends. The NHS support for doctor and their families are of poor level, 66% agreed.

  1. Other pressures

The main factors to put significant pressure on doctors are the patient caseloads and increased professional inspection from officials like Care Quality Commission etc. Around 80% of doctors Okayed for both factors. At the second place, 76% of them reasoned doctor contracts and working hours while 73% of doctors said NHS cuts.

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