17th June 2016

General Practice Forward View – NHS England

NHS England has published the General Practice Forward View incorporated with the Royal College of General Practitioners and Health Education England in late April. The General Practice Forward View sets out plans of a multi-billion-pound investment to stabilise and transform general practice. The plan covers five different categories of the overall investment, workload, workforce, infrastructure and care design.


The forward view pledges an extra £2.4 billion investment to the previous investment of £9.6 billion for the support to GPs by 2020/21. The 14 % real term supplements includes £500 million from the national sustainability and transformation package, other additional funds from the Local Commissioning Groups (CCGs).


The General Practice Forward View plans to double the growth rate of GPs through new incentives in training, recruitment, retention and return to practice. The aim is to add 5,000 net GPs in the next five years and in addition 3,000 fully funded mental health therapists, co-funded 1,500 clinical pharmacists and nationally funded nurses, physician assistants, practice managers and receptionists.


The GPFV plans to set new practice resilience programme which will support struggling support, changes to Care Quality Commission inspection regime, support GPs with workloads, cuts in red-tape, legal limits on hospital administration GP interface. It also plans to deduct unnecessary demand in general practice.


The GPFV proposes to upgrade practice premises, proposals of 100% reimbursement for premises developments, investment for technologies to support online tools and appointment, consultation, workload management systems and patient record sharing.

Care Redesign

The new plan is going to provide practical support for individual practices, alliances and partnership regarding improved in hours and out hour direct funding including clinical hubs and reformed urgent care. It proposes a new voluntary GP contract integrated with primary and community health services.

The General Practice till 2020 look forward to making the best use of new technologies with new development and expansion of workforce and better foundations. The new GPFV will improve direct patient care through appropriate understanding of patient and the service needed at any time and place. The GP workforce will be able to provide qualitative and improving healthcare for its patients and local communities.

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