14th June 2016

GMC Revalidation

Revalidation is the process where all the licensed doctors in the UK are required to demonstrate to the General Medical Council (GMC) that they are up to date and fit to practice in their chosen field. Revalidation aims to give extra assertion to patients and the public, as well as other healthcare professionals, that their doctors are regularly checked by their employers and the GMC. 

All licensed doctors in the UK are required to revalidate on a regular basis (usually every five years) based on the GMC core guidance for doctors, Good Medical Practice. Only the doctors who have a license to practice will need to revalidate to keep practicing in the UK. Doctors must meet all the professional standards set by the GMC and the specialist’s standard set by the medical colleges and faculties.

It helps doctors to focus on maintaining and improving their day to day medical practice and encourage patients and the public to provide response about the medical attention they receive from their medical professionals.

Getting ready for revalidation    

  • Regular appraisal

Make sure you have a regular appraisal based on GMC core guidance, Good Medical Practice. If you don’t have an appraisal then, you won’t be able to take part in the revalidation process. It is the compulsory requirement for your revalidation. Speak to your appraiser, for your regular appraisal. Your appraisal must focus and cover all your medical practice.

  • Collect supporting information

Your appraisal and supporting information are key to demonstrating your fitness to practice and opportunity to your Professional Development Needs. You are required to collect mainly six types of supporting information for your appraisal. The supporting information are Continuing Professional Development (CPD), significant events, Quality Improvement Activity, feedback from colleagues, review of complaints and compliments, and feedback from patients (where applicable).

  • Set up your GMC Online account

You are required to set up a GMC online account before your revalidation begins. GMC online account helps you to manage your registration with GMC. From your GMC online account you can find out revalidation details, including your revalidation submission date and name of your responsible officer. If you don’t have GMC online account, you can set up your account here.

  • Designated body and responsible officer

Responsible Officers (ROs) have responsibility for helping you with your revalidation and make your recommendation to GMC for revalidation of your license. They act on the behalf of the designated bodies. A designated body is the organization, likely to be your main employer that has duty to support you with your appraisal and revalidation.

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