5th July 2016

GP Returners offered free RCGP membership

The Royal College of General Practitioners has announced an offer for GPs who opt to return to frontline patient care in the UK after their career break of two or more years. The RCGP offered Induction and Refresher scheme in England, Northern Ireland and Wales and GP Returners scheme in Scotland, which will receive one-year free RCGP membership.

The free membership is available to those GPs who are qualified in the UK and opt to return via MRCGP exam.

Dr. Maureen Baker, College Lead highlighted the difficulties of trained GPs in returning to frontline GP after a career break or period working abroad. The RCGP has worked with several other medical bodies like NHS England, Health Education England and the British Medical Association to help streamline the scheme process in each of the nation.

GP returners who register with the Induction and Refresher Scheme in all states and in Scotland will have access to many benefits and supports through this membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners.
One year free membership will be offered to two groups:

Group 1: General Practitioners qualified in the UK via MRCGP exam route or once a member of the RCGP via any other route and are returning to work in the UK after either working abroad or a career break of 2 or more years. This group will receive one year’s free Full membership.

Group 2: GPs qualified in the UK but did not take MRCGP exam and never been a RCGP members. EU doctors who hold Certificate of Eligibility for GP registration (CEGPR). This group will receive one year’s Associate Membership for free.

The NHS England has announced that the new improvements to the returners scheme is a part of General Practice Forward View, after Pulse revealed 1 in 100 GPs return to unsupervised practice directly through the new scheme. 

Dr. Maureen encouraged more GPs to come back to practice in the UK. He added GPs must not have barriers while coming back to work and deliver the frontline patient care whilst having an intense shortage in family doctors.

The College with the medical bodies hopes the new scheme will be an added incentive to those GPs who are thinking to returning to practice. All partners will be working together to improve the returning routes as an effort to implement GP Forward View to recruit, retain and return GPs for better quality care for patients.
For further Information

Induction & Refresher scheme in England and Wales, and GP Returner scheme in Scotland. For Northern Ireland visit the Health and Care Social Board website or contact caroline.diver@hscni.net.   

RCGP Press office: 020 3188 7574/7575/7581
Out of hours: 0203 188 7659

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