12th September 2017

How to Become a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

How to Become a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant

Legal nurse consultants (LNCs) are liaisons between the medical profession and attorneys. They provide medical counsel and assistance to lawyers about the insight into medical issues and accepted practice standards. They review medical records and reports for cases like personal injury, worker’s compensation, negligence, malpractice or wrongful deaths and other complex medical issues.

Insurance companies or legal firms, hospitals and private clinics employ LNCs. They often have long shifts or irregular hours and may need to travel in some cases. LNCs are experienced professionals who may be current or former practising and are qualified to work as a legal consultant on medical cases. They are experts in translating difficult medical terminologies and special jargon for understanding to lawyers and other law professionals.

A LNCs salary in the UK

The median annual salary of LNCs in the UK is £43,133 per year. They are varied from region to region. In South East its around £44,427 per year, in Scotland its £36,664 per year, in Wales its £36,232 per year. Other regions annual salaries are:

  • Midlands: £40,114
  • Yorkshire and North East: £34,507
  • East of England: £35,801
  • Northern Ireland: £38,820
  • Northwest: £37,958
  • London: £47,015
  • Southwest: £37,526

There are two ways to acquire Legal Nurse Consultant Certification in the UK

It totally depends upon your situation and how fast you acquire your college degree.

The first way to get you LNCs is a 3 year Associate Degree at the community college. The second one is the alternative course with the university for a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing of 4 years. Both nursing certification is carried out at an approved institution.

Get confirmation of the list of accredited schools when you enrol for your LNCs from the NMC.

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