27th June 2016

HSCIC to be Renamed as NHS Digital

George Freeman, Minister for Life Sciences has announced two exciting developments on Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) at the National Information Board Leadership Summit in London. In July 2016, HSCIC will change its name to NHS Digital which will assist the National Health Service (NHS) and social care services. And the Secretary of State has appointed Noel Gordan as a new chair for NHS Digital.

NHS digital will use the descriptive subheading "Information and technology for better health and care" to its title. It will be the national supplier of information, data and IT systems for representatives, experts and clinicians in health and social care.

The work of NHS Digital consist:

  • Publication of more than 260 statistical every year.
  • Supply variety of specialist data services
  • Handle informatics plans and programmes, develop and guarantee national systems besides suitable contractual, clinical safety and information standards

The new name of HSCIC should support in building public recognition, assurance and belief. Freeman said that NHS Digital will carry on to producing high quality information, IT systems and services for health and social care. Also, it will show how effective use of information and technical improvement can change the quality of care patient receives.

According to him, the 21st century healthcare is going digital with better treatment and care with large number of assistances for patient safety. He added that the newly named NHS Digital will ensure better care for patients by delivering significant information and IT services.

He further added that in medical technology this is an exciting time and NHS Digital will help to improve the NHS’s ability to deliver modern services. He is pleased that Noel Gordon has agreed to be the organization’s new chairman and lead NHS Digital.

Currently, Noel Gordan is the Non-executive Director and Chair of the Specialised Services Commissioning Committee at NHS England. He has experience in using big data, analytics, mobile and digital technologies. And has spent most of his career in consultancy including 16 years as a former Managing Director of the Global Banking Practice at Accenture.

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