23rd May 2016

Land a Highly Competitive Locum Tenens Job

It’s no surprise; locum tenens is in a high competition. Multiple recruiting agencies work to fill up the same job position, which means multiple candidates are being considered for the same position. In such rivalry, how will you jut out of your competition and gain that position? Here are few tips for you to land that highly competitive locum tenens job.

List out features of yourself relating to the job

Whilst you first contact with your client will be an official presentation letter with your updated CV. Think of your first impression to the client and your features that match the best of the position characteristics and highlight them in your letter. Take a moment to let your recruiter know your special trainings and skills. Make an effort to discuss about how to showcase those special skills and training so that they could help you in projecting you out from the rest.

Differentiate yourself

Beat your competition, and then you are different to your competition. Locum tenens completes their formal application; provide asked references, connection to the area and availability. Those who want to secure the job will find a way to differentiate themselves in these terms.

  1. Application and references

Those who want to secure their job position consider completing the staffing agency’s formal application forms and provide required references as soon as possible. This helps both your recruiter find the best opportunities and will show your commitment to your client. All parties will be well furthered if the candidate makes a full disclosure on their background and solid references. Those offering these documents often end up having that job in hand.

  1. Connection to the area

Taking a locum assignment may need consideration on various subjects such as your work schedules, locations etc. Locations are one fact that you need to consider while taking a job. If you chose your placement within your driving distance and have your close relatives and friends living in that area will help a lot. Its better if your recruiter knows about your familiar areas. Clients prefer candidates who know the location better, which will save up time and money for them.

  1. Availability

It’s vital to match up your availability to the client’s need or job schedule. It’s always worth stretching your availability close to their vacant days. Let your recruiter know that you are adaptable to changing schedule.

These are some of features that will help you differentiate you from your competition. But if you don’t have these features, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you won’t be considered. You just have to find other ways to differentiate yourself.

Take enough time for yourself to know how you can commit to better secure your work. Other way to know it are having detailed conversations for your competitive strategy. We hope this blog help you in conquering your best jobs for you.

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