14th June 2016

New Care Models and Prevention: An Integral Partnership

On 31st May the NHS Confederation published a report in the New Care Models and Prevention: An Integral Partnership. The publication reported works of vanguards for the prevention and reduction of health inequalities in local area. It was a part of a vanguard dissemination programme.

The new models of Care and Prevention: An Integral Partnership aims to help spread the learning from the vanguard programme across healthcare sector in the UK. It is a joint effort of NHS Confederation, NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups, NHS Providers and Local Government Association.

The reports contain five case studies on the emerging practice rather evaluated practice. Each vanguard approaches care planning with the understanding of local people needs, organisational and professional boundaries for patient care. The plans are also based on the number of staffs on board, experiences of both the patients and carers along with volunteers and associated third party.

Two vanguards are looking forward to developing new care models and in June it will be approaching staff engagement in healthcare.

The highlighted five vanguards works on new model and prevention are:

  • All Together Better Sunderland (Multispecialty Community Provider)
  • Solihull Together for Better Lives (Urgent and Emergency care)
  • Sutton Homes of Care (Enhanced health care homes)
  • West Wakefield Health and Wellbeing (MCP)
  • Connecting Care – Wakefield District (Enhanced health in care homes)

New care models and prevention updates

A bulletin on the updates of the new care models and prevention has been published in June 1st 2016. It is a monthly bulletin for information and update relating to recently launched new care models evaluation and strategies. Also, including details of national events on present care model programmes.

The new bulletin has disclosed some as the best vanguards so far.

  • A new rehabilitation service (Cambridge and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group)
  • Urgent and emergency care (The West Wake field Health and Wellbeing)
  • Multispecialty community provider
  • App for schools challenge (shortlisted for a HSJ value award) & Videos (Stockport Together)

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