23rd June 2016

New Degree Programme for Local Nurses

New Degree Programme for Local Nurses

Almost 50,000 of additional national shortage of registered nurse in the UK have been predicted by the Department of Health (DH), the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and the Royal College of Nursing this year.

Each year the country demands about 450 new nurses to assist patient care. To meet the current demand of nurses, DH, NMC and Royal College of Nursing has taken the matter on hands. They have introduced a new degree program to draw and retain local nurses.

At the University of Gloucestershire, South West England new BSc Honours Degree will be introduced in partnership with the NHS Foundation Trust. It is an honor given in aggregation with undergraduate bachelor's degree variations. A government bid will launch a university technical college in the country to work together with the university and trust.

The university technical college would become a secondary school for beginners aged between 14-18. It enables them to study vocational qualification before heading off to the university. 

The Director of Nursing at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Maggie Arnold stated that the new BSc Honours Degree program is an exciting and encouraging opportunity mainly for the young people of the Gloucestershire. In future, it could offer the chance of studying and training locally with the vision of full-time engagement and a career in healthcare organization at more than one or two hospitals in Gloucester and Cheltenham.

If the bid goes successful, then from September 2019, student will be able to study at the technical college.  

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