29th May 2016

New Junior Doctors' Contract Deal Agreed

The British Medical Association (BMA) and the government have come to an agreement on long haul disputable junior doctor contract after 10 days of intensive talks at Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas).

The 10-day negotiation has been carried out under Acas Chairman Sir Brendan Barber. Sir David Dalton and Dr Johann Malawana of the BMA and the government respectively with the Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt had engaged directly for the negotiations to end at best interest of both parties. It has been said that all parties are extraordinarily cooperating to resolve the issues and had to come to a close end of the biggest and widest challenge of the NHS. The current dispute is now subject to 40,000 BMA members’ votes.

Over the next two weeks, both sides will work together to finalise all details of the agreement and the new contract. If the votes approves, some of the points of the contract will be implemented in August and junior doctors will move on to the new contracts between October 2016 and August 2017. The detailed new contract will be available soon and will include an agreed terms and conditions from February negotiations and new provisions included in the Acas statement.

 The Acas statement released on Wednesday include several major changes:

  • Basic pay rise to be reduced from 13.5% to between 10% and 11%
  • Basic pay rise will be reduced in the weekends not on the basis of normal and unsocial hours but will be paid depending upon the numbers of weekends that a doctor worked over the year.
  • Reduced extra pay for night shifts from 50% to 37%
  • Extra support will be available for doctors who take time out in their careers such as, women in a maternity leave
  • Enhanced roles for junior doctors working in an advising and liaising roles with independent roles
  • The deal remains cost-natural that is limited funds by the government
  • The next step

40,000 BMA members will have their say on the new contract in the end of this June. Here are key dates for coming weeks in order to formulate new contract. 

31st May - Publication of the new contract and supporting details

3rd June - Junior doctors’ committee meeting

1st – 17th June - Broadcasting new contracts

17th – 1st July – BMA Members referendum on the offers

6th July – Referendum Result

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