30th May 2016

New Software to Improve NHS England Website Accessibility

NHS England has announced for an additional new software to its website to mark the Global Accessibility Awareness Day on May 19. The new software is intended to improve website users with a better and easy accessibility to the organisation’s work and a platform to host applied health policies across the England health service.

The NHS England website will have free-to-use support tool named Texthelp’s “Browsealoud”. Browsealoud allows visitors to translate content in their preferred language with a reader and a magnifier to easy read those written text. It gives 90 different language choices to text translation and 40 most common spoken language choices to read aloud the websites’ pages and PDFs. NHS England intuits its websites usefulness to its users specific needs.

Browsealoud also features screen masking and a webpage simplifier, which cut the peripheral content and focus on a specific text for readers. Users can also convert selected text to an audio file (i.e. MP3) and save it on to their devices so they could listen to it anytime and anywhere. The Browsealoud is mostly customized to visitors’ personal needs and preferences.

Experience of Care Lead for Mental Health and Learning Disabilities, Scott Durairaj said NHS England website is one of the first place for people to go for health information, so he emphasized on the need of its accessibility to its people. He informed that 1 of the 10 people in the UK have a difficulty in accessing the information because of their literacy or language challenges. Thus, introduced Browsealoud for they could easily access to the NHS England’s information and its online services.

As for the further information on the Browsealoud and accessibility NHS England, you can check for the Accessibility Page in the NHS England website.

Using Browsealoud

To access Browsealoud in your webpage, simply click on the orange headphone icon at the top right hand side of NHS England. Next you will be asked for the continuation box. Click yes. A toolbar with translation, text magnifier and page simplifier, audio converter etc. will appear. Roll your mouse over each icon for its work description. Hover your cursor over the text you want to read aloud and it will read it to you.

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