1st July 2016

NHS Bursary Reforms

New students on Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professional studies will no longer receive NHS Bursaries from 1st August 2017.  Rather than NHS bursaries and tuition funded by Health Education England (HEE), students will have access to the similar student loans system as other higher education’s student. This change will come to effect in September 2017 academic year.

A consultation on the NHS Bursary Reforms was available from 7th April to 30th June which focuses on implementation of planned changes to the student funding system.

According to the Department of Health (DOH), in the current system two third of students who apply to nursing studies aren't accepted for training. So, the government expects that the elimination of student NHS bursary will create up to 10,000 additional Nursing, Allied Health and Midwifery training places by 2020, which allow universities to accept more applicant than they currently do.  

The new system will help NHS to adjust the changing needs of the population and train more nurses in England. It will also help to reduce the dependency on agency and overseas staff. It provide a better funding system for students in England, a supportable model for universities and an offer around 25% more financial support for the students while they study.

According to Health Minister Ben Gummer, the universities of England are proposing more places through the wider reforms to the higher education and it is more likely to access an undergraduate degree for those student who are from the underprivileged background. He also added that the purposed reform will have a range benefits to Allied Health Professionals, Nurses and Midwives.

Only students starting their course from 1st August 2017 will be affected from the change. For those who are already studying and those who started their courses before 1st August 2017, there will be no change for them. Those students who accept a place in 2016 and had agreed to begin their courses after August 2017 will be financed on the standard student support system.

The government is working with HEE and other delivery organisations in order to consider the delivery models and funding options for the healthcare course outside the remit of the reforms.

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