28th June 2016

NHS England Announced Vacancy for Director of Digital Experience

NHS England is on a quest to find a right candidate for director post of digital experience. The title offers a London base and at least of £131,301 remuneration.

As explained in vacancy notice, the director of digital experience will be a key senior leader in the Chief Information and Technology Officer (CITO)’s group task who will report to the (CITO). The CITO group is tasked to drive the NHS digital roadmap with the measurable results, based on enhanced patient outcomes, product engagement from users and tangible efficiency benefits.

The new director will also be responsible to identify services in the NHS that could be upgraded by digitization for better improvement in patient outcomes.

After the departure of Tim Kelsey in December, former national director for patient and information, the new position was called in. The NHS filled in Mathew Swindells to take over Tim Kesley, then also suggesting splitting duties between him, a CITO and a director of digital experience. The NHS voiced the CITO role as an overly ambitious and striving job.

As things stands, the new director of digital experience will report to the CITO and the CITO reports to the Swindells.

The vacant position seeks a demonstrable and significant senior commercial experience and knowledge in digital technologies and channels for cost improvements and enhanced end user outcomes.

The NHS England prioritized individuals with top partnerships and stakeholder management skills. The new director of digital experience will need to work closely with NHS Digital, Department of Health (DH) and the Government Digital Service. He or She will represent for the NHS England and other NHS officials while it comes to cross-government digital policy and strategy.

He or she should have experience in the designing, developing and deploying digital channels and technologies. A practical experience of leading channel, website and application development is a crucial requirement.

Last date of application is 24th June 2016. Any candidate who wishes to discuss the role can contact the organisation’s chief people officer, Stephen Moir.

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