20th March 2016

Reflective Account

Reflective account is a descriptive report about an event or an experience as a nurse or midwife. It gives overall information about the situation, reflecting how good you are in and for practice. It includes your behavioural approach toward a situation, how you analyse it and your attempts to handle it. NMC insists on continuing effort of reflection for standard nursing and midwifery practice through the revalidation of the registration.

How to Write a Reflective Account

You must provide five reflective accounts while applying for the revalidation of nursing and midwifery prior to your renewal date of registration. It is one of the basic requirements for every registered nurse and midwife to provide five reflective accounts and one complete reflective discussion approved by a NMC registered nurse. This requirement identifies the need of change or improvements in your practice over three years of your revalidation registration.

Reflective account can be about your Continued Professional Indemnity (CPD), feedback of an event or experience within your scope of practice. NMC has provided a reflective account template in which you need to explain what, when, where, how it changed and improved your practice. The account should be relevant to The Code as required by NMC which emphasize in improving four themes. The reflective account should be relevant to improving any of four themes of The Code of NMC.

Prioritise People - In nurse and midwifery profession, patients, service users and others are the first priority. Reflecting best services as per their need is the main concern.

Practise effectively - Reflecting your professional improvement and development in your practice with the updated apparatus and appliances.

Preserve safety – Reflecting your competency for the minimum number of practice hours, reflecting on feedback, and addressing any gaps in your practice through Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Promote professionalism and trust - Reflecting your personal attitude and behaviour towards your profession and your NMC colleagues in your work and being accountable to others for your professional development and revalidation.

Some easy steps for writing reflective accounts

Title - Easily recognisable and straight forward

Date – Use Month/Date

Nature of the CPD activity/ practice-related feedback – Define the scenario of what happened.

Learning of the CPD activity/ practice related feedback – Your experience and learning from the event.

Relevance to The Code – Explain how you relate this to any of those themes of the Code – Prioritise people, Practice effectively, Preserve Safety and Promote Professionalism and Trust.

Your improvement – Stating new ideas and solutions applied to improve the situations and problems.

A reflective account can be online or hand written depending upon your feasibility. Remember that you cannot provide any identifiable information about a person relating to the event. For the same reason, we recommend not to use the exact date.

Next step

Before applying for the revalidation with your reflective accounts, a NMC registered nurse must approve those accounts after discussing with you. If he/she is satisfied with your overall record, then need to sign a copy of mandatory Reflective Discussion Form. It’s good to keep it with you for future references and as evidence.

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