12th November 2017

Revalidation For Nurses and Midwives in UK

Revalidation For Nurses and Midwives in UK

Revalidation is the process of renewing your registration introduced by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), where all nurses and midwives are required to revalidate in order to keep practicing in the UK.

It is the new technique for renewing your registration with the NMC to demonstrate you are up-to-date and fit for medical practice. It replaces the Post-Registration Education and Practice (PREP) requirements for nurses to register with NMC.

All registered nurse or midwife needs to participate in the revalidation process in every three years to practice safely and effectively throughout their career in the UK.

The main purpose of NMC revalidation is to protect the patients and the public by ensuring that the nurse and midwife are fit to practice. It reinforces you to maintain your fitness to practice within your own scope of practice.

It can help you reduce professional isolation by providing arrangement in professional networks and discussion. To revalidate with the NMC you are required to fulfil a number of requirements of each year of the three-year registration period.

  • Medical practice of 450 hours over the preceding three years of registration and 900 hours if you have a double registration as a midwife and a nurse.
  • 35 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) learning including 20 hours of participatory learning.
  • Minimum of five piece of practice related feedback
  • Reflective discussion with another NMC registrant, which must cover your five written reflective accounts.
  • Five written reflective account based on a code of professional standard set by the NMC
  • Declaration of Health and character
  • Declaration of your Profession Indemnity Arrangement
  • A third party confirmation of the revalidation requirement.

You will need to have NMC online account to complete the revalidation process and to find out your renewal date. You must submit an online application to revalidate at the end of your three-year registration period. If you don’t have your NMC account yet, you can set up your NMC online account here.

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