29th August 2017

The 3 Best Apps for Patient Communication

The 3 Best Apps for Patient Communication

Communication is the only foundation of any good relationship. The doctor-patient relationship is more vital than anything. It’s an all-time on relationship. Its good when the patient is available at a hospital or clinic but at times when they are unavailable to see a doctor and asking them real questions about their health is worse.

Today, world’s technology has grown so well that patient could find answers in secure messaging apps. These apps have those compliant solutions for patients and service users in their mobiles at any time and any place. Here are some app recommendations for doctor-patient communication.


TigerText keep messages private, encrypted and secure for the patient. Patient’s phone, tablet or a desktop can access their complex health report summarized in a detailed message in a daily basis.

The app is easy and simple to understand and use with facilities like resetting passwords and deleting messaging as well. It also offers a self-destruct or recall option for a sent messages from the devices and later from TigerText’s servers. Messages are encrypted, and support by Google Drive, Dropbox and other file systems. You can also attach files, photos and videos to any message. If you can text, you can TigerText.

TigerText is supported by $1 million security guarantee for messages privacy. It’s totally free for the users and are available in both iOS and Android. An Apple Watch app is available for apple users of this technology.


Medical professionals like doctor and nurses can collaborate on questions, ideas and feedback on patient-centered messages using this app on their mobile phones and desktops. It automates and simplifies communication along with the changes like admission of the patient, inpatient treatments and discharging patients.

The app does not store patient health information and messages in the cloud which reduce costly data mistakes and breaches. The receiver only can read and decrypt the sent message. qliqConnect is also EMR-compatible. It allows remote device lock and data wipe facility with a PHI security even after the loss of device.

Other features include delivery confirmations, custom notifications, quick messaging with file attachments. Its price varies as per your need limit and requirement. Professionals can use this app for free and are available in both iOS and Android. It is a complete package for a secured communication solution.

Cortext by Imprivata

Cortext by Imprivata is a secure messaging platform for multiple healthcare organisations with easy, real-time accessibility to patient information like in patient treatment, their admissions and reimbursements.

This app is able to communicate across any desktop, mobile or tablets and coordinated among employed and associated providers. Generally, this app provides improve care coordination with patient satisfaction.

The app enables you to send text, group message, and photo in a 256-bit encryption. This app can replace pagers as it can deliver lab results, wound photos, EKGs and other information. It allows canned responses, delivery and read receipt with multi device sync for multiple users. Users can set available status, call back request and out of network messaging. This app is available on iOS and android and is free.

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