13th August 2017

Things To Do Before Your Locum Tenens Assignment

Things To Do Before Your Locum Tenens Assignment

As a locum tenens physician, you might need to work in a new setting in each of your assignment. There is a whole lot of thing to consider while starting a new job.

We have pointed out some checklist for you for your first day at work. We are helping you with your plans and belongings ready to go prior to your assigned date, so that you can give a 100% at your workplace.

Here are the things that you should do before your locum tenens assignment.

Get your Paperwork Ready

Documentation is always hectic and oblivious. You don’t want to do that before you head out for your locum tenens job. For that, you may need to do all of your paperwork in order sooner than the later. No one wants to show up empty handed at your new placement on you first day.

Before you make a trip, you can talk to your recruiter or contact at you new placement and ask them if you need to bring any documents with you. Most facilities ask a copy of you job itinerary, CV, your identity card or other.

Do not hesitate to ask questions at your new placement about required paperwork and also about form completion date (such as payroll and reimbursement information etc.). You might also need to do you travel preparations prior to your assigned date. Make sure you have your boarding pass and license in hand before taking off to your placement.

Other thing includes knowing where you need to be and what you will be doing on that assigned date, the weather forecast and little of a luggage pack accordingly.

Ask about the Facility’s EMR

EMR is Electronic Record Systems and they are different in each facility. Your placement may have its own little tricks and quirks. Be prepared for your new placement’s EMR systems. Ask your recruiter or people around your assigned place about it. Have a quick tutorial or do an online search.

Be Prepared With Questions

Most placements will have an introductory in first hand or on-boarding process in place. We recommend a thorough preparation of those questions about items that are going to fundamentals to your day-to-day routine. This will help you mentally about all those necessary things you will need while working.


Make sure of your next job assignment have the accommodation provided depending upon your shift and date. Your placement may accommodate you in the hospital or give you a room at hotel. You must know the distance, how you can reach there and its costs between your job placement and accommodation.

Ask for a nearer possible accommodation as you can save up on long commute and gas expenses. We recommend you to try finding your best location at your desired place, so that you can make your trip joyous and enjoyable.

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