29th October 2017

Top 5 Medical Scheduling Software

Top 5 Medical Scheduling Software

For medical professionals, patient scheduling is an integral part of their routine work. Availability of medical scheduling software has made patient scheduling easier than ever before.

With the use of scheduling software you can manage your patient appointments without any glitch and deliver more efficient medical practice. Whether you run a large clinic, family practice or hospital, medical scheduling software helps to simplify your appointment schedule and patient record.

Here are listed some top medical scheduling software which will help in scheduling your medical appointment.

  • Sagenda

Sagenda is a free medical appointment scheduling software serving doctors, physicians and clinics. It is user-friendly software, which provide easy appointment booking and schedule management for both doctors and patients. Sagenda can be use in order to manage patient scheduling, improve patient and staff communication, medical records and lessen no-shows of the patient.

It is a must have tool for patient appointment scheduling. To get this software, you need to get registered in a sagenda account and install it in your website. This software fits in any type of website and the software is totally free.

  • DocMeIn

DocMeIn provide free online scheduling service specifically built for medical professional to schedule patient appointment online. It allows unlimited patients, appointments, reminders, recalls and patients self-service. You can easily drag and drop appointments to reschedule and immediately notify patient about changes.

  • Appointmentseasy.com

Appointmentseasy.com is an online appointments portal, which target directly at the healthcare market. It is available to health professionals, medical secretaries and patients for the optimization and management of appointments of the medical practice.

The search module of the Appointmentseasy.com is simple through which patients can easily find their medical appointments.

  • EzMedPro

EzMedPro is a user-friendly medical practice management software. It helps to handle patient record, medical billing, electronic claims filling, patient alerts and scheduling and many more. It is very simple to use and does not need any training. It integrates appointment scheduling with clinical notes and billing.  

  • SuperSaaS

SuperSaaS is an online appointment scheduling system that works with many different businesses and support more than 25 languages. The basic version of SuperSaaS is free and paid version is available for large users and commercial uses.

The paid plan of the SuperSaaS starts from only $8 per month. It has features like calendar management, group scheduling, payment processing, reservations, reminders, recurring appointments and many more.

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