29th June 2017

Top five tips for international doctors to get placements in the UK locum market

Top five tips for international doctors to get placements in the UK locum market

On a given day, on average 3,500 locum doctors cover various shifts in the National Health Service (NHS). Even though, locum work has its own benefits – it can be especially helpful for international doctors to do some locum in order to start your medical career in the UK.

So, what can you do to standout in the UK locum job market?

Keep your rate negotiable

Part of the attraction to do locum work is the higher hourly pay rate you receive. But lowering or keeping your rate negotiable can be a great strategy to get your first placement. Your negotiable rate can help you stand out in the competitive locum market among the potential employers.

Be on your feet to travel

The more flexible you are the more chances you have of standing out in the crowed. Your flexibility with hours and locations will pay you huge divided. It will keep you in front of a variety of locum placements that potential employers have difficulty filling in.

Lower grades can help you excel

Keeping your horizons wide such as accepting lower grade placements can help you get locum placements sooner than later. Once you have championed on a lower grade in the UK medical setting, getting your original grade placements can get much easier.

Communicate well with patients and colleagues

Being an international doctor means you have to meet the strict language standards and processes set by the GMC. So, communicating well is essential. But it will do more than just meeting the standards, it will help you connect well with your patients and colleagues and will help you charm the employers!

Give more to get more

Yes, give more opportunity to the potential employers to observe and learn about your great skills and expertise. It can be done in various ways, and one of the ways is to accept two or three days shifts even if you are looking to do long term locum. It will help you showcase your skills and expertise and eventually win some long-term locum shifts.

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