3rd July 2016

Top Tips To Apply To Specialty Training

Top Tips To Apply To Specialty Training

Junior doctors can apply to many different specialty-training programs, as they like. Its important to do some research on the specialty choice before submitting an application. Applicants should understand the processes, specialty recruiter expectations and person specification to confirm the eligibility before applying for the program.

Junior doctors can find a reference guide for Postgraduate Specialty Training of the UK in the Gold Guide. The Gold Guide is a set of basic arrangements for specialty training programs approved by the four UK health departments of the UK.

Each year the Royal College or the local education training board receive more applications than the number of posts available. These applications are submitted through the Oriel online recruitment system. It is the single online portal for application of specialty training programs in the UK. The portal facilitates all the specialty recruitment vacancy along with all aspects of program application processes.

Here are the top tips for specialty training program application processes.

  • Consider the level of competition for the post and be flexible in choosing specialties. Learn about the competition ratios on the specialty-training program of your choice.
  • Read all guidance available for a successful application process. Read Gold Guide.
  • Check the person specification to confirm your eligibility before applying.
  • All applications will be completed online through Oriel: Register with an email account, most recruiter responds via email.
  • Acquaint yourself with the application form, closing date and a plenty of time for application.
  • Reflect person specification requirements when completing your application
  • Make sure you have all documents that you need to upload to your application. Its no good to wait till the very end of the application window to submit your application form.

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