13th June 2016

UK Visa Registration Requirements for Non-EU Doctors

Doctors from outside the EU are required to be registered to the General Medical Council (GMC) to work in the UK. Any doctor who wants to practice medicine and exercise legal privileges associated must obtain a License to Practice from the GMC.

General Medical Council (GMC) is the regulatory body that registers doctors in the UK. There are three types of registration available for Non European Union  doctors depending upon their roles and level of responsibility while working in the UK. Doctors must acquire their registration before immigrating to the UK.

Types of Registration

  1. Full Registration
  2. Limited Registration
  3. Specialist Registration

Full Registration

Doctor who wants to undertake paid unsupervised employment in the UK must gain a full registration from the GMC. Generally, medical professionals who are qualified in a European Economic Area (EEA) country or a citizen of EEA are eligible for the full registration. Other than EEA countries doctors who are qualified in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and the West Indies are also eligible for the full registration.

Limited Registration

Applicants must hold limited registration to carry out the supervised training posts within the NHS in the UK. Your primary medical qualifications and your institution must be recognised by the GMC in order to apply for the post. Once they approve your skills, knowledge and attitude and performance during your supervised training post, you can apply for full registration. You will also need to take International English Language Assessment Service (IELTS) and Professional and Linguistic Training Board (PLAB) tests.

Specialist Registration

Doctors, who want to work as a Consultant in the NHS UK, must acquire specialist registration. Doctors who wish to practice in a private institution are also expected to be registered in the specialist register.

Post Registration Visa Application

After achieving appropriate registration, doctors would apply for UK migration via two routes i.e. Work permit holder and tier 1- General Skilled visa.

Work Permit

The fastest option for doctors from outside the EU countries to migrate to the UK would be the work permit or a job offer from the UK. For more information on the work permit you can visit the UK Visa Bureau pages.

Tier 1 - General Skilled Migration visa

Registered medical professionals who want to migrate to the UK without a job offer should use this immigration option. The Tier 1 – General Skilled Migration Visa allows the non-EU doctors to live and work in the UK. For more information on the Tier 1 – General Skilled Migration Visa, visit UK Visa Bureau Pages.

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