18th April 2016

What are employers looking on your medical CVs ?

Have you ever tried to look your CV as a reader/employer rather than a writer? Whenever you are writing your medical CV for any new position or a locum work, the employers’ perspective is one big side that one must consider. While reviewing your CV your viewer mostly are in a time bound and won’t be able to spend hours sifting through your whole application to find what they need.

Here are some of the guidelines to make sure your healthcare CV does not impede your application.

- Format: Absent your crazy fonts and colours. Just two acceptable fonts to be used. Arial and Times New Roman, one at a time always in black. Spaced single or 1.5.

- Customize according to the position description and selection criteria: Review your position description and selection criteria. Be more focused and prioritize most relevant information in the front or centre on the document. Make it easy to find your basic information for the viewer.

- Up front your Experiences: Highlight your experiences and skills. As per the position description notify you have the right training and qualifications. When you list your experience, start from the most recent positions or work. They are looking for your recent flair and aptitude.

- Make it brief: Make it as short as possible.

- Get it checked: Make sure after finishing your CV; get someone to check it before sending it. Hear for your sincere and honest feedbacks and make amend if needed.

- Follow the rules: If the employer has asked for specific information, make sure it is on there.

This part of employment is the first jump and a gateway to your interview. Your application must stand a chance to yourself. Make it a stand out a readable and accessible to your viewer.

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